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Punished regardless - presumption of guilt - arbitrary power - [MINISTRY] [PEACE]

On Tue, Jun 11, 2019 at 06:23:47AM +0000, Ryan Carboni wrote:
> But people are convicted based on metadata, the most famous account
> is that of Jeffrey Sterling, who was convicted of being in the same
> building as a journalist.

And droned to death.

Based on metadata.

"Thank you" Google, Facebook, Twatter, Amazon etc...

> Regardless, I'm unclear on the harm of telling the press that the
> US government had provided nuclear weapon designs to a Russian
> scientist working with Iran.

People are guilty until proven innocent.

One of the most basic premise "the West" was supposedly founded on;
now it's presumption of guilt all over the place, communications
carriers who police content, content police who proclaim to be "mere
carriers", journalists are fundamental to democracy, that's not real
journalism, msm fake news is repeatable, stating an opinion or joke
or ministry trigger word on social media verboten muffaluggerah.

Honk honk!

Fashtag muffaluggerah!

Black is white, white is black.

Issues of statute are up the ladder.

Fundamental rights are near the bottom. Scrapin' the barrel.
Casper's last transparent stand.

Whilst you're debating the harm of a particular expression, all
expression is under continual attack, all power is assumed by those
who ordain to govern you. And the rest of us.

All freedoms are now privileges for the exercise by those in power.

All exercise of capacity is suspect.

You are Atlas.


Know it.