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Punished regardless - presumption of guilt - arbitrary power - [MINISTRY] [PEACE]

Zerowedgie with a foundational piece on (just one) broad example of
the loss of our fundamental rights - in this particular case, the
presumption of innocence has long been out the window.

This is obvious since the '80s random "breath test" stops (the
primary subject of this article), and has crept solidly into judicial
process - notwithstanding the puffery of "ze glorious Western regime"
- prove your innocence or suffer, fail to respond to someone else's
"The Secret" (negative averment) bullshit, and the courts WILL and DO
take it that you consented to that bullshit (criminal AND civil
matters - from much painful personal experience)!

Bradley/ Chelsea Manning - jail - trial - moar jail - pardon -
freedom - government chasing a trial against Assange and so haul's
Manning back into jail.

  Like what in the royal firetrucking firetruck?

  Yes grasshopper, indeed a royal firetrucking firetruck already!

The glorious Western regime, the purported land(s) of the allegedly
free, is soon to have its kleptomaniacal ass handed to it on a
destitute platter of karma.

And it's about firetrucking time.

"Our" elites, "our" politicians, "our" judges and "our" international
bankers, have sold us out, pillaged us poor and destroyed our
nations, communities and ultimately families.

And yes, each individual plays their part - there is no absolute
"they" or "them" out there to pin all the blame on. We each play our
part. Yes certain (((international bankers))) play an outsized part,
but who has really undeniably staunchly refused to take a random
breath test, or drug test, or join the yellow vests "for as long as
it takes to overturn the government"?

Failure to object is tacit consent.

Know this. This is the karmic principle of "your" elites "governing"

Nice golden cages, bread and circuses, daily cotton wool sugar floss.

Good luck all,

Punished Regardless