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offend (((them))) while NOT using social media, GET SUED IN CIVIL COURTS - [PEACE]

First this morning, the word "honk" is now banned across main stream
social media:

  Facebook Has Banned The Word "Honk" For Violating
  Their Community Standards
    Bad news today for those who love to chat on Facebook about cars,
    especially when you need to <censored> your horn.

  Honker in chief...
  HoNK To THe THieF...


:D :D   Booh yeah muh muffaluggerin galahs!   :D :D

Clown world folks - just when you think the clowns couldn't honk any
honkier, the honkin gets ta stonkin honkin:

  WhatsApp pledges to SUE users over off-platform misbehavior

    WhatsApp is threatening users who violate its rules with
    lawsuits, even if the only evidence of â??rule-breakingâ?? exists
    outside of the Facebook-owned messaging app and the only judge is
    an AI.

Oh My Firetrucking God - how bloody good can it get :D :D

This is clown world on absolute steroids muh grits! Enjoy it while it
lasts muffaluggerahs :D :D

Let's hope (((TPTB))) at FaceBook (what was his name again -
Duckerberg? Suckerberg?) ackshuallay follow through with this, and
that some idiot sheep experiences some real cotton wool, possibly
even jail.

OMFG this is GREAT!   I'm So Happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :D :D

Celebration links for y'all:
  Memetic Tuesday: Clown World Order
    Dost thou honk?

  Google is Becoming the Real Life Version of Computer Zero from the
  1970s Film Rollerball

  Justin Bieber Challenges Tom Cruise to MMA Fight, Conor McGregor
  Wants to Host It

If you gonna honk in a clown world, you might as well chuck a Zuck
and cuck the fruck outta your Gods a luck to duck the suck of da
goyim Truck Of Freeze Peach muh peeps!

Oh yeah.

<tap dances off into the horizon>