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Autonomous Next Generation Leaks [re: WL, N ways u change world, etc]

On 6/4/19, John Young <jya at pipeline.com> wrote:
> Open source

The only trust in using others closed source is if it hurts
your enemies more than you (negative win), or you
wrote it and somehow think you're safe and benefitting
more than adversary (positive win). Closed source,
generally also not $free, and market restricted, means
you're a fart in their windstorms blowing asymmetrically,
or at least randomly, against you. For most, that unknown
is untenable.

As before, there are immense profits awaiting the first
to market #OpenTrust via #OpenAudit of #OpenHW.

Not least evidenced by, say, the immense amounts of
reverse money being spent against untrustable closed
source enemy Huawei.

Turn trust into Blockchained Open Proof Of Work,
starting with #OpenFabs.

> TLA's

Who cares, let them cockfight and busy themselves
out, your mission is greater.

> Con's

It's cons all the way down. Shining some light
through to the murky depths is still valid, even if only so
everyone can navigate the surface layers a bit more safely.
NextGen goal should be to at least break through the SOFAR
channel and disrupt those operating below.

> snookered

By snatch... dancing octal pussy, snowbunnies, waifu, etc...
often bedazzling traps after more than your jewels.

> *Leaks

Yes, keep the leaks hot, and your stick on the ice.