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Autonomous Next Generation Leaks [re: WL, N ways u change world, etc]

"Open source" was, is, a magnificent ploy to get access to inventions 
and information that might have once been kept out of sight by the 
makers and a few associates. Open source crypto still robbing the 
guileless by the guilers. Internet, especially its web glorification, 
another. Wikipedia, Wayback, Google, SM, an almost endless stream of 
opportunities developed to lure with free services to grab consumer 
yearnings, opinions, fellows, followers, beliefs, fears, for feeding 
tailored operations (thx NSA) worldwide to ingest and digest.

Consider in this smearing thread, Snowden's openly disclosed 6 top 
secret years as CIA employee with specific tools and informarion of 
operations completely unrevealed while piddling months of contractor 
service with NSA is generously touted as if high-value golden coin.

In this roasting comedy, Snowden would be the one who runs the NSA 
snatch for CIA, NSA unable to admit that it was snookered by its 
number one competitor. CIA dancing in the aisles, toasting its win 
with one the oldest cons in history: the orchestrated aggrieved insider.

Assange has commented on WikiLeaks being used as a con op, melding 
accurate material with the bullshit disinfo. As with advertisers and 
prosecutors, though, he implies this mix is unavoidable, consumers 
and juries do not want shades of truth, the whole truth and nothing 
but must be declared to make sales and collaterally murder.

Comedian Camp is right to observe, the overtly guilty are not 
punished, they are rewarded with prizes and medals, to wit, sanitized 
Edward Snowden, the "Snowden era" grandly avowed.

Camp's listing of Snowden's family jewels would be fun. Also open 
source evangelists.

At 03:31 PM 6/4/2019, you wrote:
>On 6/4/19, John Young <jya at pipeline.com> wrote:>
> > Memorable: his tortured dick (thx Camp) Assange hoisted by fellating
> > Assangists.
> >
> > WikiLeaks is a pretty good (thx Zimmermann) fictional joke name, not
> > overlooking the list of 140 things really non-true about the cahootenanny.
> >
> > Movie Fail-Safe is pretty good at megadeath comedizing, still
> > awaiting takedown of privacy, crypto, terror, sexual assault.
> >
> > Prosecutors rely on fictional non-fiction.
>Let's not forget that there are parties participating in
>these global "law, journalism, etc" conversations that
>are in direct publishing competition with WikiLeaks, in
>conflict of interest, often holding anti-freedom pro-themselves
>forcibly over others philosophies.
>Some of them who have already by some combination
>whether voluntarily, or by pressure, or by force... taken down
>their own prior publications... whether they be true, or
>opinion, or even as acceptable and right when proven
>false... yet often when taken down, done so silently with
>no published explanation as to why.
>Some of them who have never published information
>that was classified at the time of publishing as TOP SECRET,
>nor SECRET, or even CLASSIFIED, rendering their conversation
>perhaps at times an envious attack vs altruistic support,
>or a side bid advert to be in receipt for their own glory.
>Some who would never publish same, and some who would
>take it down when asked, most well before expending their own
>cryptocurrency coinbag on freedom of speech trial, or their
>years on contempt or other imprisonment.
>Some of these issues make it apparent things are largely and rightly
>in the hands of the "leakers" as the ones who ensure their message
>of the truth at least gets heard, as unredacted, unfiltered, uninterpreted,
>uncensored, unmetered, and untakedowned as they intend... whether
>anonymously on the distributed networks, in the Library stacks,
>wherever good... even their own voice on the call in hour of their
>local 2600 hackerspace guerrilla radio show, followed by distribution
>packets transmitted via SDR to all, amplified and repeated by
>hammy hackery of others worldwide over tropospheric bounce.
>Gear up, test opsec, redundancy survival permanence distribution,
>and send your message.