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Self-evident victim of government misconduct

There are things are a difficult to imagine, one of them among others is receiving a college degree in criminal justice and not understanding it.

I don't know how much it is worth to go from a prosecutor to a defense attorney, but apparently it is worth the life of a person I had never met, but is something the government wants to remind me about from time to time because they've been assigned to my case and have nothing better to do.

A little over two years ago LAPD arrested me for protesting in front of their police station, I was shouting the "police are gangstalking me", to call the kettle black. Of course I was right out side the door so they stood me up, had me face the wall for half an hour to an hour, kept me in a cell for an half and hour to an hour, gave me back my shoes without laces, it was all BS, because they know they are harassing me.

Now, any reasonable civil libertarian, if they had any reasonable access to any timeline of this, would say the government is wrong, and this is extrajudicial harassment. The accusation doesn't even make sense in the first place.

Regardless, if this is the secret the government want to keep, all for the sake of my disatisfaction, I suggest they should do their work without pay henceforth, if they enjoy it so much.

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