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Is it possible to place Assange's face everywhere?

See attached screenshot, a portion of the @Unity4J header image. Is it
possible to place Assange's face everywhere? Are there any remaining
locations that as of yet are not covered with images of Assange's face?

On public toilets, in the sky thanks to skywriting jets, on the backs of
cereal boxes, attached inexplicably to @_cryptome_ tweets, deep in the
ocean in trenches where strange lifeforms struggle to survive, atop and
skidding around the ice of Europa next to a zamboni driven by a dude in
an Assange mask, replace the Man in the Moon with Assange's face, tattoe
his face on the outside-the-bell-curve penises of porn stars, in fact
eliminate 100% of content of any and all leaks -- swap all text of, say,
the HBGary leak, with <img> of Assange's face -- hunt down decaying NES
cartridges and somehow reprogram them such that when you plug them into
the Nintendo, on the non-CRT ancient television set a giant image of
Assange's face appears, puzzling your child about his or her next move
and his or her purpose in life.

What criteria should guide actions? What should the goals be, and what
steps should be taken to achieve those goals? Is there any metanarrative
any more to bring meaning, to face challenges, to... nevermind, just put
Assange's face everywhere.

It is a little odd to me, the choice of Assange's face for the image
that a planet of primates are dedicating the irreplaceable hours of
their lives to spreading everywhere like dandelion. Are not their
spouses a little upset? Do they not have laundry, other tasks to
complete? Did they go out on Valentine's Day for ice cream or did they
place Assange's face on additional various surfaces where, by some
unusual chance, it did not already exist? I assume military psychology
studies say the commoners are most compelled, most controlled, by images
of faces, but why not, say, Assange's middle left toe? It would be a far
more interesting experiment if @Unity4J covered their banner with images
of Assange's middle left toe. And if Assange's middle left toe was
placed everywhere, on public toilets, on cereal boxes, etc. Imagine the
sheer confusion, followed by outrage, of #Unity4J if the chin, the nose,
the hair, the eyelids, of Assange were suddenly replaced with images of
his gunk-encrusted, never-cut middle left toenail (it is false and
defamatory to say Saint Julian does not use toenail clippers properly)
... #Unity4J would not know what to do, they would appeal to the blue
check marks for guidance, but all there would be in answer, would be
this metastazing, duplicating, reduplicating, exponential planetary
coverage of a single individual's, one primate's among billions, middle
left toe and the gunk beneath the toenail.

New study says humanity will be extinct by 2050, in this chaos you are
already walking up and down the interstates trying not to be murdered,
but one image is fixated in your mind, one certain human's ...
face...was it worth it?
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