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18 ways Julian Assange changed the world (by Lee Camp) - [PEACE]

On Tue, Jun 04, 2019 at 01:50:26PM -0400, John Young wrote:
> Full-bore Camp is better than I assumed from the redacted ver.
> Memorable: his tortured dick (thx Camp) Assange hoisted by fellating
> Assangists.
> WikiLeaks is a pretty good (thx Zimmermann) fictional joke name, not
> overlooking the list of 140 things really non-true about the cahootenanny.
> Movie Fail-Safe is pretty good at megadeath comedizing, still awaiting
> takedown of privacy, crypto, terror, sexual assault.
> Prosecutors rely on fictional non-fiction.

Indeed, and let's not forget the (so far) failed attempt to frame
Assange as a pedophile too.

   Suspicious US company tried to frame Assange as 'pedophile'
   and Russian spy

     According to T&Câ??s account, a Canadian family reported their
     eight-year old daughter was â??sexually molestedâ?? online by
     Assange through the Toddandclare.com website. The eight-year old
     was allegedly using her older sisterâ??s account.

     T&C filed a claim against Assange through the UK courts on
     October 4. The following day, Assange gave press conference at
     the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, promising to release the
     Podesta emails.

So far, the numerously repeatedly closed and re-opened "rape
allegations" from Sweden is all that seemed to stick long enough to
make a media spectacle out of it...

> At 12:50 PM 6/4/2019, you wrote:
> > https://www.truthdig.com/articles/18-ways-julian-assange-changed-the-world/
> > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hKqYkzhOIuQ
> > 
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