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latest false flag attack?

On 20/09/18 12:06, z9wahqvh wrote:
> in WTC 1 and 2, posit a mechanism for building collapse 

The mechanism is of course simply that the heavy concrete floors of the 
top twenty or ten stories, partly held together by the outrigger truss 
system in the roof, fell one or two stories onto the concrete floor 
below when the fire softened and buckled the steel structure supporting 

The fallen-on floor gave way almost at once, and the concrete fell on 
the floor below that, now with increased weight. And so on.

The remaining intact shell and the speed of collapse mostly kept the 
falling bits together, though as the concrete floors fell the shell also 
broke apart and fell.

> that, whatever else you think about it, has never been seen before or since, 

While rare, Progressive Collapses, where the collapse happens story by 
story, are hardly unknown.

Most commonly, progressive collapses progress from the ground upwards, 
with floors falling because their support has previously fallen: 
well-known examples include the Oklahoma City Bombing.

Slightly less common is when the collapse starts higher up and 
progresses downwards, with floors falling because higher floors have 
fallen on them and overloaded them, as in WTC1 and 2. The term Pancake 
Collapse is sometimes loosely used for these, although the distinction 
is not always rigidly applied.

Apart from WTC examples of downward-progressing pancake collapse include 
the collapses of Plasko and L'Ambiance Plaza, and the partial collapses 
of Skyline Towers and of Ronan Point.

Actually Ronan Point was both a pancake and a progressive collapse - the 
collapse of floors 18 to 1 progressed downwards in pancake fashion, then 
later the collapse of floors 19 to 22 progressed upwards.

Pancake Collapse is also known in some types of ten story residential 
buildings whose construction makes them prone to fail in this way, 
especially in fires - where the term originated (long before 9/11).

There have been about 12 progressive collapses in highrises or 
skyscrapers caused by other means than fire since 1950, the majority of 
which were in steel framed buildings.

There have been about 30-40 major or floor-wide fires in highrises or 
skyscrapers since 1950, about four of which pancake collapsed either 
wholly or partially.

Apart from WTC, none of those fires were unfought, none of the buildings 
were of lightweight tube-framed structure, and none had such significant 
damage pre-accompanying the fire.

-- Peter Fairbrother