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latest false flag attack?

On the 17th anno 9/11 <various> wrote:
> temperatures

There were long threads posted here earlier with videos
of molten metal pouring out the sides of the building,
witnesses citing metal pooling / flowing in the basement,
pictures and videos of glowing stuff that maybe shouldn't
have been glowing at whatever times, explosions, chemistry
and properties of the rubble, etc... lots of documentaries
and independant reports and analysis... simple search...


Do your own research, figure it out, let people know.

Sure the physics are there once things are triggered,
but it's the nagging little unanswered bits of public and
non top-secret / destroyed evidence and reports, the triggers,
who knew what when, the redactions, etc... that will keep things going.
And going for at least as long as JFK and other government
conspiracy secrets plots and so on remain... MKULTRA,
NSA surveillance, CIA torture and murder videos, quantum
computing, Roswell, elections, alien signals, embarassing
coverups, etc... all the big stuff.


It's not a leap to admit to yourselves that such important truths
as these would be a lot easier to know study prevent and manage,
even just to live with, without government secrets, destruction of same,
and discredit / ruin / prison / death for disclosing them.

Consider maybe "government", even its very existance, is the real
problem in all these things, going back decades, pointless
wars and secret fuckery, hundreds of years and more, in your name,
from your wallet.

Perhaps you should start doing something about that.