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latest false flag attack?

>> The video evidence shows a commercial airliner sized plane [crashing into the Pentagon]

On 2018-09-17 07:45, juan wrote:
> 	no it does not - it show a small blured smudge. At best the blured smudge is 20x10 pixels in size.

A roughly plane shaped smudge, and, assuming it is roughly the same 
distance as the ensuing explosion, roughly commercial airliner size and 
moving at roughly plane speeds.

> 	Because, if a real plane had hit the pentagon, then the real surveillance cameras installed in the pentagon would have recorded full speed, high definition images. But since no plane hit the pentagon, they don't have any video of it, and so all they offer is that  fake bullshit done in mspaint.

Humans on the road saw the plane fly overhead, and it clipped light 
poles on the road, consistent with what is shown on the video, a plane 
flying almost horizontally at almost ground level.