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Offtopic posts

On 4/26/16, Cari Machet <[email protected]> wrote:
> Zeenan wanted to make a fucking subgroup email group and was told fr others
> to keep it here
> Not fucking paying attention to reality ... what can we boot for that shit

There is evidently a tension between what some folks want to
read/write about, what others want, and what still some others want.

Me, I just want an uncensored list, where people who go off the rails
occasionally are forgiven and otherwise accommodated, and those who
stay off their derailed one track mind get killfiled so the rest get
on with life.

I always hold that we ought respect the founder's' intentions for any
particular list. Those who wish to host should have an expectation
that if they don't respect the founders' intentions repeatedly, they
will be routed around.

The intention of a group may shift over time too - and seems like some
hold that either the list is getting generally off topic for what it
should be, or that the intention of the list has shifted. It is my
intention to associate with others, both online and offline, who want
to have robust communication (which implies some accommodation and
forgiveness), who want to live freedom of speech and other "human
rights", and who might be competent to inform me personally when I'm
actually off the rails.

Instantiating online forums is relatively low friction and low cost these days.

The email list format is certainly preferable to me over forums and
blogs-with-comments - too much irresistible tendency to
censor^Wmoderate with forums and blogs.

The heady days of the crypto pioneers has transformed a little - we're
more settlers now although there is always room and excitement re the
pioneer. But life changes, history informs us, and right now our world
faces some rather big things - in the 1990s the big thing -was-
pgp/gpg, https, and all the variations and possibilities we could
imagine. Ebay, Amazon and Google seem to have won that game - is
anyone surprised? Now the crypto front is rapidly turning into a mono
culture as per that very poignant recent blog/article that was posted
a few weeks back - so we must bless each other and thank fruck for D J
Bernstein and the next wave of mega corporates who will ride that pony
to their billions. So inspiring, original and pioneering yeah?

At this point in history the global financial and political system
was/ is (or appears to be) on a precipice - some big and bold
geopolitical and financial plays are happening around the world and
there's plenty of turmoil, perhaps more than ever in history (e.g. for
those unaware, two of the BRICS nations are currently experiencing the
American CIAs anal "color revolution" probes - this battle certainly
ain't over yet).

I'm also very interested in private communication, pseudonymous
communication, digital currencies - unfortunately I see no silver
bullets to the real problems we face though.  Human dignity can only
be had by those who stand, who claim their rights rather than beg for
some safety and privileges, who value things beyond self, that part of
humans which strives for something greater than mere physical comfort
and indolence. The happy go yippee hippies are rightly derided when
they transform into 'hip' go yippee yuppies in their beemas or teslas
demanding a sealed road to their fancy new storybook house - this has
happened all up and down the eastern coast of Australia - once
pristine paradisaical surfing shanty nature spots have mostly all
become mini metropolii, supermarkets, parking lots, endless sealed
roads and creeaking mansions. This is really sad. And the Australian
eastern coast is ginormous - a few thousand kilometers.