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Offtopic posts

Definitely: a high paywall, start at $1,000 a post, to cull the deadbeats.
That's in bullion, no bitshit. Mis-post and price doubles, then goes geometric
after 3. Your PINs are known.

Here's the post ticket line: Hettinga hosts a deep "FC" vault packed
with RL ransom goodies any deadbeat nation would genocide to
expropriate for ignorant spenders of cognitive capital aka FC-CC.

Now you know why only 200 Panama Papers files of 11,500,000
have been released. Robert's vault PIN is way off planet.

At 05:46 PM 4/26/2016, you wrote:
>Recently there have been posts regarding offtopic posts.
>Speculating that at least one user here has prompted those...
>Zenaan got booted (or emigrated) from ubuntu fora
>to some dead google group, till finding this place to
>post his Rus-Aus etc stuff. This is not a personal swat
>at Zenaan (or anyone else), he (and they) are surely
>fine folks all around. And such posts are in fact interesting
>to interested readers.
>But instead is a note that there do need to be other places,
>and referrals to such, where such things are ontopic and
>uncensored, such that they may call them home.
>Unfortunately, unless such posts here make reference
>back to a somehow crypto, cpunk, c-tech, c-law context...
>they're offtopic.
>And frequently violating that should be expected to bring fire...
>to the point that the violating author will be silently killfiled,
>thus nullifying themselves.
>I'm no ontopic angel, send me to hell if you want.