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Dnia wtorek, 20 maja 2014 20:13:15 Juan pisze:
> 	Ok : first the conclusion. The % of braindead tor zealots in
> 	this list is higher than in tortalk.  Yes, that makes it clear
> 	what kind of joke this ´cypherpunk´ mailing list is.
> 	Except mostly for posts from John Young, the content, and
> 	politics here are  worse than what youd expect from joe sixpack.

Yeah, I agree.

This list is waaay too low for you. I mean, you can do so much better.

I appreciate the pearls that you throw in front of us piglets here, but 
honestly, we're simply not able to comprehend (even less truly recognise the 
value of) them.

Not really worth your time.

> 	¨rysek¨ ¨Oh, come on. I'm sure Juan has created a much better
> 	and much more independent project than Tor,¨

It's "rysiek".

> 	What I´ve done or have not done has nothing to do with the facts
> 	I mentioned and the soundness of my  analysis.

How do we know you're not funded by the NSA to sow dissent in the community, 
smearing good projects and burning precious time of people involved in them? 
Not that it happens, right? Right?

> 	And yes. I, personally, am much more  independent
> 	than people on the payroll of the US government, go figure.

Nobody gives a fuck, go figure. :)

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