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	Ok : first the conclusion. The % of braindead tor zealots in
	this list is higher than in tortalk.  Yes, that makes it clear
	what kind of joke this ´cypherpunk´ mailing list is.

	Except mostly for posts from John Young, the content, and
	politics here are  worse than what youd expect from joe sixpack.

	¨rysek¨ ¨Oh, come on. I'm sure Juan has created a much better
	and much more independent project than Tor,¨

	What I´ve done or have not done has nothing to do with the facts
	I mentioned and the soundness of my  analysis.

	And yes. I, personally, am much more  independent
	than people on the payroll of the US government, go figure. 

	Sampo ¨Yes, well, fuck you. I read much of code, I run an exit
	node, and  just fuck you and your germ line.¨

	¨fuck your germ line¨ 

	Dear Sampo, it is too bad that your message has been written by
	a worthless shitbag (you) who cannot compose even basic
	english sentences.

	If you ever manage to reach some sort beginner´s level of
	english, so that you can communicate...anything 
	meaningful - let me know. 

	Lodevijk¨ And if you don't think it's reasonable, doesn't that
	just make more sense? It's the USA!¨

	Right, the more absurd, the more sense it makes.