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Dnia poniedziaÅ?ek, 30 czerwca 2014 02:25:06 Sampo Syreeni pisze:
> On 2014-06-29, Juan wrote:
> > The tor 'anonimity' network is a project of the US military. As such,
> > it must serve the ends of the US military.
> Yes, well, fuck you. I read much of code, I run an exit node, and just
> fuck you and your germ line.

Oh, come on. I'm sure Juan has created a much better and much more independent 
project than Tor, and used by many, many more people in situations far more 
dangerous than what Tor even dares to touch. The very fact that we haven't 
heard of it shows how clandestine and well-managed it is.

And I'm sure we'll all hear about this very project on this list, as soon as 
Juan gets the documentation in order (*obviously* the code is perfect, so no 
need to get that in order, duh!).

While I applaud the strive for a perfect documentation before release, really 
Juan, "release early, release often"; we'd all be glad to help!

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