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On Mon, 30 Jun 2014 10:17:21 +0200
"Meredith L. Patterson" <[email protected]> wrote:

> On Mon, Jun 30, 2014 at 02:52:37AM +0200, Lodewijk andré de la porte
> wrote:
> > Tor is funded by the US government, not the US military per se. The
> > same US gov is funding research and efforts of breaking it.
> Yup. Not only that, .

	Tor is partially funded by the ¨department of defense¨, former
	DEPARTMENT OF WAR. That is the fucking  US military.

	Like I said, this mailing list is a joke. Even the neocon 
	washington post has a more sensible view of tor than the
	resident tor zealots.


		¨Last year, DoD funding accounted for more than 40
		percent of the Tor Project's $2 million budget. ¨

> Also, neither "government funding" or even "DoD funding" *necessarily*
imply that DoD has any say over what ships. 

		Oh yes, of course, of course. Now that you have made it
		crystal clear, by divine assertion, I realize just how
		mistaken Ive been.

		You are tax parasites on the payroll of the  US
		government,  particularly the military, AND ¨freedom



gov organisations all have their own budgets and
> spending authority, most of them don't talk to each other, and a lot
> of them don't like each other. USG may be a hydra, but it's a hydra
> whose heads are so badly tied in knots that noticeable things only
> happen when one of the heads gets itself some wiggle room.
> Also, neither "government funding" or even "DoD funding" *necessarily*
> imply that DoD has any say over what ships. I don't think I'm the only
> Cyber Fast Track participant on this list, but
> https://github.com/UpstandingHackers/hammer was funded through CFT,
> and anyone is welcome to audit the source and read the commit logs; I
> can tell you who all the committers are, most aren't American, and the
> ones who are are me and my partner. Our interaction with DoD (or,
> well, our contract facilitator) consisted of "Here's the latest
> milestone" --> "make && make check worked, here's the money for that
> milestone" every few months. That's all.
> I hear some variation on the "Tor is a government op!" drum banged
> every six months or so, so I guess it was time. Can we at least get
> some variation this time, maybe spin some conspiracy theories about
> Paul Syverson instead of falling back on that tired old canard about
> Roger's internship? Or aliens? Working Area51 in would be cool.
> (Disclaimer: of course I don't think Syverson is a plant, nor do I
> think Tor is a honeypot. Do not harass Paul Syverson or his family, or
> the least I will do will be to throw a habanero martini in your face.)
> Cheers,
> --mlp