Re: Enlarged Negatives from Scala originals

From: Christina Z. Anderson ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 10/27/05-07:12:06 AM Z
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Haven't followed this thread closely so forgive me if it has already been
suggested: Maco Genius film? It is actually an enlarging "paper" but the
paper is clear, and the dmax and contrast are waaayyyy up there. Easy to
use, use regular paper developers and a red safelight, and exposure times
under the enlarger are same as a paper would be--e.g. 20 seconds. I get it
from Freestyle in the States but I assume since it is a German company (Hans
O. Mahn or something) that it should be equally available in Europe. If you
want a contrasty neg, this is it. It isn't as cheap as lith film, though.
ps I would highly recommend the dr5 developing for Scala, too. They have a
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