Re: Enlarged Negatives from Scala originals

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Date: 10/26/05-09:35:00 PM Z
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Are you using a lith film for the duplicate negatives? I'm assuming so
because you mention Dave's LC-1.

I suggest you try Ilford Ortho Plus film instead, and either Ilford
Universal or Kodak D-19 if you need very high contrast, or Kodak HC110
for moderate contrast. It is not a lith film. I understand that Ortho
Plus is like FP4+ only without the extended panchromatic sensitization.
It's a nice film that can be developed under red safelight illumination.
 ISO 40 IIRC and available in 4x5 and 8x10 sheets. It is one of the few
remaining darkroom films available.


>>> 10/26/05 9:22 PM >>>

Anyone making enlarged inter-negatives from Scala originals? I have a
number of images on Scala film from which I want to make enlarged
film negatives for Van Dyke printing and I'm looking for the right
I've used diluted Dektol in the past but have not been happy with the
results. I have also tried LC-1 but could not build up enough density
for a negative. I'm thinking that I need to use something in the
middle of those two developers. Dave Soemarko (in his Post-Factory
Photography article )suggested using diluted D-76 but I have also
heard that HC-110 works well diluted. Another developer I have come
across in my search on the web is Clayton Extend Plus, but no
information on anyone who has used it.
My images are of fairly low contrast with most separation needed in
the mid-tones.

thanks for your help,

david drake photography
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