Re: Enlarged Negatives from Scala originals

From: david drake ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 10/27/05-11:36:50 AM Z
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thanks for the suggestions joe & chris. Re-reading my post today, I
realized that I forgot to say what film I am using (it's been a long
week). I have a whole box of 11x18 Arista APHS, so I'm hoping to use
that for the time being. The Maco Genius looks interesting though.


On 27-Oct-05, at 9:12 AM, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:

> David,
> Haven't followed this thread closely so forgive me if it has
> already been suggested: Maco Genius film? It is actually an
> enlarging "paper" but the paper is clear, and the dmax and contrast
> are waaayyyy up there. Easy to use, use regular paper developers
> and a red safelight, and exposure times under the enlarger are same
> as a paper would be--e.g. 20 seconds. I get it from Freestyle in
> the States but I assume since it is a German company (Hans O. Mahn
> or something) that it should be equally available in Europe. If you
> want a contrasty neg, this is it. It isn't as cheap as lith film,
> though.
> Chris
> ps I would highly recommend the dr5 developing for Scala, too.
> They have a website.

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