Re: Magnani Pescia et al.. for gumprinting

From: Dave Rose ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 10/27/05-07:09:57 AM Z
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FWIW, I've used Rives BFK for gum and combination gum/cyanotype printing for
years with excellent results. Despite what you may have read on the
Internet, it does hold up well under repeated water immersion. Some of my
prints have as many as 8 coatings on them. When I started gum printing (15
years ago), I tested about 8 different papers. At that time, Rives BFK gave
the best results, so that's what I've used ever since.

All of these prints were made with Rives BFK:

Best regards,
Dave Rose
Powell, Wyoming

> Hi Katherine,
> Thank you for that most comprehensive response. I note and agree that
> aesthetically speaking, all other things being equal, the surface,
> texture and colour of a particular paper will appeal to some and not to
> others.
> I think I have already rejected Rives BFK after my Internet gleanings
> and the fact that it is listed as a printmaking paper a process which
> has, I believe, little to do with repeated water immersion.
> The only tests I'm likely to be able to do whilst in the UK of GB and NI
> are shrinkage, colour, texture and strength after immersion. I'll try
> and get some samples ordered in advance.
> One question. Fabriano Artistico Extra White Hot Press is available in
> both 300gsm and 640 gsm. Bearing in mind your point with regard to
> different weights having differing characteristics, which one did you
> use in your prints/tests?
> Best Regards
> David H
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