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Please don't turn this thread into a "LF is better than digital" thread!

We all have our reasons for the tools we choose to use; we each deserve
respect for making those choices.

As David said, he's in a beautiful spot and wants to create images. Why
not assist than start down this slippery slope of why so-and-so shoots
large format.

And for the record: I shoot both.

Dennis Moser

SteveS wrote:
> Here's a Wisner system on ebay right now.
> It gives us all an idea.
> S.
> PS The way I look at my LF work is that it's like water color 'plain
> aire' painting. The search for a view, the set up, viewing and reading
> the light; sometimes there's no picture and after 20 minutes of this
> stuff, there's no picture . . . that doens't mean no joy! :)
> If you want material, pictures . . . digital is the way to go. I think
> of those frontiersmen with the camera and a tent on their mule, and
> there's no bathroom there, a fire for the water, POP paper or Platinum
> 'daylight' printing. And, gee it's a print better than you can get any
> other way.
> That was MY point to getting into the LF system. Contact prints of
> extreme accuracy and acuatence.
> You have one of the best systems with the Wisner, lenses and holders;
> and if there's a postal service all the materials and chemicals you can
> use. I don't see the value in the digital experience unless you need to
> turn out excellent product in abundence and with commercial success in
> mind.
> To each his own.
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>> Hi Steve,
>> Nothing is ever as simple as it appears :) I do have a bathroom,
>> though not always water. If I have water I may not have electricity;no
>> electricity no water, it's pumped. I also have a septic tank which I
>> can't pollute - obviously and I can't accurately control temperatures.
>> Add to that lack of availability of papers, film, chemicals etc., and
>> it becomes almost impossible to co-ordinate a successful print/negative..
>> On the positive side I am surrounded by snow capped mountains,
>> magnificent forests, sea and fresh air. Last but not least,the people
>> in my village are the kindest most generous I have ever met. If you
>> read 'Birds Without WIngs' by Louis de Bernieres (author of Corelli's
>> Mandolin) that is the place I live..and it's wonderful. All in all,
>> I'd rather go digital than move :)
>> Regards,
>> David H
>> "Man is a bird without wings, and a bird is a man without sorrows."
>> Lois de Bernier

"Variety of opinion is necessary for objective knowledge."
Paul Feyerabend: "Against Method" 1975.
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