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David you said "difficult"!? Impossible I'd say. You can't find 8x10 film
even in Istanbul. I remember seaching for 4x5 B&W film for two months, then
gave up and ordered from B&H. I suggest that you go for a digital SLR "with
interchangable lenses".


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Hi Steve,

Thanks for the reply. I have the Wisner at the moment and I wish to go
digital. I have lost my darkroom facility and live in an area where large
format film development is very difficult. It would be much easier for me to
go digital.

The Wisner cost me around 4200 dollars and the other stuff (lenses etc.)
maybe another 1500. I accept the limited market and a certain amount of
depreciation so I sort of worked out what I thought was a reasonable price
of around 1500 bucks or so worth of exchange. This would get me into digital
pretty easily I think..And the Sony has a goodish lens etc..I don't really
want to go too deep as I have a couple of other 35 mm camera systems (local
1hr. processor can do these films) and a nikon scanner already.

Best Regards,

David H
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