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Here's a Wisner system on ebay right now.

It gives us all an idea.


PS The way I look at my LF work is that it's like water color 'plain aire'
painting. The search for a view, the set up, viewing and reading the light;
sometimes there's no picture and after 20 minutes of this stuff, there's no
picture . . . that doens't mean no joy! :)

If you want material, pictures . . . digital is the way to go. I think of
those frontiersmen with the camera and a tent on their mule, and there's no
bathroom there, a fire for the water, POP paper or Platinum 'daylight'
printing. And, gee it's a print better than you can get any other way.

That was MY point to getting into the LF system. Contact prints of extreme
accuracy and acuatence.

You have one of the best systems with the Wisner, lenses and holders; and if
there's a postal service all the materials and chemicals you can use. I
don't see the value in the digital experience unless you need to turn out
excellent product in abundence and with commercial success in mind.

To each his own.
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> Hi Steve,
> Nothing is ever as simple as it appears :) I do have a bathroom, though
> not always water. If I have water I may not have electricity;no
> electricity no water, it's pumped. I also have a septic tank which I can't
> pollute - obviously and I can't accurately control temperatures. Add to
> that lack of availability of papers, film, chemicals etc., and it becomes
> almost impossible to co-ordinate a successful print/negative..
> On the positive side I am surrounded by snow capped mountains, magnificent
> forests, sea and fresh air. Last but not least,the people in my village
> are the kindest most generous I have ever met. If you read 'Birds Without
> WIngs' by Louis de Bernieres (author of Corelli's Mandolin) that is the
> place I live..and it's wonderful. All in all, I'd rather go digital than
> move :)
> Regards,
> David H
> "Man is a bird without wings, and a bird is a man without sorrows."
> Lois de Bernier
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