Re: Slightly OT: large Format Camera

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Date: 11/25/05-03:41:22 PM Z
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Hi Steve,

Thanks for the link. I'll keep an eye on it.

I get what you're saying in your P.S. I guess I'm just a mule short. I
really don't see a great deal wrong with trying to make my life a little
easier. I know large format has many advantages, it's just that for me,
at this time, it's just not for me. It used to be, in another time and
place, but not now. For every thing there is a season...


David H

SteveS wrote:

> PS The way I look at my LF work is that it's like water color 'plain
> aire' painting. The search for a view, the set up, viewing and reading
> the light; sometimes there's no picture and after 20 minutes of this
> stuff, there's no picture . . . that doens't mean no joy! :)
> If you want material, pictures . . . digital is the way to go. I think
> of those frontiersmen with the camera and a tent on their mule, and
> there's no bathroom there, a fire for the water, POP paper or Platinum
> 'daylight' printing. And, gee it's a print better than you can get any
> other way.
> That was MY point to getting into the LF system. Contact prints of
> extreme accuracy and acuatence.
> You have one of the best systems with the Wisner, lenses and holders;
> and if there's a postal service all the materials and chemicals you can
> use. I don't see the value in the digital experience unless you need to
> turn out excellent product in abundence and with commercial success in
> mind.
> To each his own.
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