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Date: 11/25/05-10:56:28 AM Z
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Hi Steve,

Nothing is ever as simple as it appears :) I do have a bathroom, though
not always water. If I have water I may not have electricity;no
electricity no water, it's pumped. I also have a septic tank which I
can't pollute - obviously and I can't accurately control temperatures.
Add to that lack of availability of papers, film, chemicals etc., and it
becomes almost impossible to co-ordinate a successful print/negative..

On the positive side I am surrounded by snow capped mountains,
magnificent forests, sea and fresh air. Last but not least,the people in
my village are the kindest most generous I have ever met. If you read
'Birds Without WIngs' by Louis de Bernieres (author of Corelli's
Mandolin) that is the place I live..and it's wonderful. All in all, I'd
rather go digital than move :)


David H

"Man is a bird without wings, and a bird is a man without sorrows."

Lois de Bernier
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