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>> Perhaps some clarifications would help. Ryuji, you
>> talk
>> about black silver, presumably metallic silver, is that
>> correct?
> Check the context. I'm not talking about silver; Judy
> asserted that
> she gets silver by adding or subtracting nothing to/from
> exhausted
> fixer.

   Judy said: AFAIK there's no dye in paper... I stored used
PRINT fixer in gallon
plastic containers for future extraction of the silver
and/or disposal..
With well-used fix there arrived in due course a heavy black
deposit on
the sides, which, by whatever mechanism, must have been


  You responded:

Fact: Dye is very commonly used in enlarging papers. (All
contrast b&w papers, all color papers, and some graded

The only way I know of to get black silver out of used
fixer, without
using any additional chemical or electrical means, is to
evaporate the
water. This is a lot easier to do with ammonium thiosulfate
fixer than
sodium thiosulfate fixer. But then the precipitate will be a

   This is the context, Judy was asking if the deposit was
silver, your answer above says it is unlikely.
   I think you mis-understood my question. When I said _you_
were talking about black silver I should, perhaps, have said
black _deposit_. The context should have suggested this but
evidently was not specific enough.

>> Silver recovery from fixing baths can be done with
>> steel wool (standard method), it (or something) will be
>> deposited on fresh copper, like clean pennies, soaked in
>> the
>> fixer. Is this not silver?
> That doesn't apply to what we are talking about. By adding
> those metals
> you are providing electrochemical drive.

  It does apply, _I_ asked you this question in my post,
you just answered my question in your response above.

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