Re: Butterflies and other Mail questions

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Date: 11/17/05-04:04:15 PM Z
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It is just an internal Mac OSX routine. Katharine ignored the selection
of her pic in the OSX setup, so she got a butterfly by luck / default.
OSX will place a picture from the address book app onto the internal
view of anyone's email. If Katharine were to put a photograph of a
gallon bottle of gum into the address book file of (perhaps) Christina
Anderson, then all email Katherine gets from Christina will have a
gallon bottle of gum shown with it.

But, this is just an internal / organization thing. The pictures don't
leave your computer.

This could be fun, we as a group should assign ourselves some images.
Perhaps a step wedge for Judy.... Dan has to get a flying turtle......
a small island in a big blue sea for Bob Kiss.... I'n not sure a
butterfly is really correct for Katharine...... I better stop this
before I get in trouble ;-)

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>> On Nov 17, 2005, at 8:58 AM, Tom Ferguson wrote:
>>> I'm not seeing a butterfly :-)
>> Excellent!
> Your mail is received here as plain text. I wonder if the butterfly
> is a symbol used by your mail program for successfully sent mail. Does
> it use other symbols for anything? (My imagination is running riot
> about what they could be).
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