Re: silver plating

From: Ryuji Suzuki ^lt;>
Date: 11/17/05-03:49:46 PM Z
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From: Richard Knoppow <>
Subject: Re: silver plating
Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2005 13:12:41 -0800

> Perhaps some clarifications would help. Ryuji, you talk
> about black silver, presumably metallic silver, is that
> correct?

Check the context. I'm not talking about silver; Judy asserted that
she gets silver by adding or subtracting nothing to/from exhausted

> Silver recovery from fixing baths can be done with
> steel wool (standard method), it (or something) will be
> deposited on fresh copper, like clean pennies, soaked in the
> fixer. Is this not silver?

That doesn't apply to what we are talking about. By adding those metals
you are providing electrochemical drive.
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