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Date: 11/17/05-04:57:52 PM Z
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Richard, what are you trying to say?

I don't consider Judy to set out the context. Iain Coghill is the
origin of this topic, where gray deposit was observed in film fixer
held in a plastic container. That is most likely deposit of dye.

Judy's post began with "AFAIK," a wrong assumption, and an anecdotal
"evidence." What she asserted is something I had already said very
unlikely. She implied that I was wrong; she also changed the subject
line to indicate the same. It's pretty stupid to publicly start a
fight against someone with a wrong assumption, especially with a shaky
anecdote (if not fiction) as the sole basis, but this is what it was,
and this happens a lot on this list. Should I post a list of alt-fight
processes, their dates and originators?

Most wise people would stay away from this kind of stuff. Only those
who had a very bad day would join it.
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