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On Nov 14, 2005, at 8:12 AM, Katharine Thayer wrote:

> David and Chris,
> I think the confusion here comes from the fact that the phrase
> "Tricolor Gum" has a specific meaning to most gum printers who've been
> around a while; it means CMY printed in gum using color separations.
> When I label a print "tricolor gum" and when Livick labels a print
> "tricolor gum," for a couple of examples, this is what we mean. I
> understand the way you're using the phrase, but I think it's confusing
> to anyone who has understood the phrase in the established sense and
> might be confusing to curators, for example, when your work is held in
> museums. And if you used four different colors to make a print, you
> could call it whatever you like (my personal terminology for something
> like that is "multiple gum bichromate" or just "gum bichromate") but
> "tricolor gum" is reserved for a particular kind of gum print.

To make my meaning completely clear, I should maybe add that if I made
a three- layer gum print with different colors than CMY, I would never
call it a "tricolor gum" but would, as I say above, call it "multiple
gum bichromate" or simply "gum bichromate" as in my mind, "tricolor
gum" means only this very specific thing.

P.S. Are my mails coming in color? I haven't yet figured out how to
change anything; they hide the controls and preferences in these modern
contraptions, but if you're getting colors in my mails, I will try to
find out how to turn it off. Thanks,
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