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Date: 11/14/05-10:36:14 AM Z
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Hello everyone,
This email is about printers, sorry it's a bit off-topic, but I know a lot
of you use printers now and you all are a great resource!
So I'm finally thinking about buying a new printer (still own an HP 722C)
and I've been looking at Epson, Cannon and HP sub-$400 printers. Pretty much
I just want something to do 8"x10" with. The problem I'm running in to is
that no one will tell me how many, on average, 8"x10" prints I will get
before I have to start buying new inks. I know it varies depending on what
colors are used, etc., but can I get 100's of 8"x10" before replacing a $100
set of inks?
Right now I use Adorama to print everything. Their 8"x10" prints only cost
me $1.99 (4"x5" 19 cents and 11"x14" $4.99). Turn around is roughly same day
(with being able to upload to their site, don't have to bring disk in) and I
pick in-store. They use Noritsu 31 pro digital printers and Kodak Royal
paper which I can chose matt or glossy. You can see how the image will crop
or fill paper "proofs" before submitting order. The only thing I'm running
in to is true representation of coloring from my monitor to print. I
recently downloaded .icc profiles that Adorama provides for their matt and
glossy paper for the printer and messing around with those. Also I should
note I'm too cheap to buy a monitor calibrator (which I think I might do
Is it cost effective to just stay with their printing services instead of
buying a printer?
I know good paper will cost me roughly .50 a sheet and I'm guessing I use at
least $1 of ink per print right? Then I have to figure in the initial cost
of the printer at $200-$300. The only benefit I see to buying a printer is
getting to mess around with colors and test prints and instantly get a
print. I don't plan to make negatives with this anytime soon and the sort of
printer I would buy wouldn't really be able to handle that to the level I
would desire anyways.
Thanks for the suggestions in advance.
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