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Date: 11/14/05-10:09:31 AM Z
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>I am having some difficulty with my cyanotypes and I am hoping for some
>help.I get a very rich, deep blue on areas coated beyond the negative, but
>even the unexposed areas of the negative are very weekly colored. I have
>used exposures up to 45 minutes in my homemade exposure unit with a bank of
>8 bulbs about 3 inches above the contact printer.
>I use T max 100 predominantly. Any suggestions?

Can you use sunlight? I put a Stouffer step tablet on the paper next
to the negative and I check the step tablet during the exposure, to
see if it's done. Sometimes in summer it only takes three minutes on
a clear day with no haze. I did a lot of experiments to find out
what the step tablet print had to look like during exposure.
Gradually I arrived at a guideline for knowing when the print was
"done." It was some time ago that I was making cyanotypes, but I
seem to recall that I had to "over-expose" by a couple of steps,
because when I washed the print, I would lose some steps.

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