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On the subject of coating gum.
I spread gum mixture with a brush and then use a dry foam roller to smooth
the coat.I roll in one direction only applaying little pressure. You have to
time it just so to get a nice coat. It is easy with a bit of practice.
Houston TX

>From: Don Bryant <>
>Subject: Gum questions - 101
>Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2005 22:17:15 -0500
>Since gum seems to be the topic of the evening I have a some questions for
>our gum nation.
>1) My brushes seem to have a dichromate stain built up. What is the proper
>way to clean these? I'm guessing a soak in potassium metibisulfite,
>by a clean water rinse, then perhaps a short bath in an ammonia solution to
>dissolve any residual gum, followed once again by a water rinse then a
>rinse in hair conditioner.
>2) I know that sodium dichromate is rarely mentioned for use because of its
>hydroscopic tendency, but compared to potassium dichromate or ammonium
>dichromate would it printer faster or slower have a lower or greater
>contrast than the other two dichromates?
>3) Since many gum printers recommend a weak bath of potassium metibisulfite
>(1 to 2%), what is an effective and safe way to wash prints after the
>clearing bath? Should the print then have a treatment in sodium carbonate
>neutralize the acidic pH of the paper? Would the sodium carbonate weaken or
>soften the gum?
>4) I've read here and there that some printers use a micro fiber roller to
>coat their paper. In my experience this simply results in a coating with a
>lot of bubbles. Any hints about how to coat with this type of roller?
>Don Bryant
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