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Date: 11/11/05-09:36:23 AM Z
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> It would be interesting to know if the Risk Management department has
> any chemists working for it. I bet they are all lawyers. Probably they are
> concerned mostly with avoiding legal jeopardy. Can you approach these
> people at all? I would ask what evidence they have that the procedures are
> too dangerous. If there opinion is based on some book about chemical
> hazards its probably wrong.
> Possibly Ruyji Suzuki could help. I think he has enough academic
> qualifications and enough experience with photo chemistry to voice an
> opinion that might carry some weight or at least lead you in the right
> direction.
> If you were ever into science fiction find a very old Jack Williamson
> story called _With Folded Hands_.
> Richard Knoppow
> Los Angeles, CA, USA

Ohhhh, Richard, some of what you say, above, is correct but I can't say

Eric, we have a completely safe work environment, in that we have hazards
and MSDSes and everything posted, cabineted, jugs to pour hazardous waste
in, etc. The University is sure on that one. For instance, next semester
with alt process I have to deal with dichromate issues. Hopefully they
won't crack down on that now--Joe made a point offlist to me that I better
watch making an issue of something so that they look at everything else more
closely. We toxic waste our selenium, recycle silver--it is a large dept
with 200 photo majors and about 160 students that go through the beginning
photo class each semester, and we're right next to the chemistry building
and Risk Management ;0I.

The chemicals that are of concern are: hydrogen peroxide in combination
with acetic acid and copper chloride. In their "whole" state (incorrect
chemistry term) they should not be combined. But the mordancage formula is
diluted drastically. That is my main point. Students will not mix up
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