Gum questions - 101

From: Don Bryant ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 11/10/05-09:17:15 PM Z
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Since gum seems to be the topic of the evening I have a some questions for
our gum nation.

1) My brushes seem to have a dichromate stain built up. What is the proper
way to clean these? I'm guessing a soak in potassium metibisulfite, followed
by a clean water rinse, then perhaps a short bath in an ammonia solution to
dissolve any residual gum, followed once again by a water rinse then a final
rinse in hair conditioner.

2) I know that sodium dichromate is rarely mentioned for use because of its
hydroscopic tendency, but compared to potassium dichromate or ammonium
dichromate would it printer faster or slower have a lower or greater
contrast than the other two dichromates?

3) Since many gum printers recommend a weak bath of potassium metibisulfite
(1 to 2%), what is an effective and safe way to wash prints after the
clearing bath? Should the print then have a treatment in sodium carbonate to
neutralize the acidic pH of the paper? Would the sodium carbonate weaken or
soften the gum?

4) I've read here and there that some printers use a micro fiber roller to
coat their paper. In my experience this simply results in a coating with a
lot of bubbles. Any hints about how to coat with this type of roller?


Don Bryant

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