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Date: 11/11/05-10:04:45 AM Z
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Be aware that many pens sold as "permanent" are only water resistant. A
sharpy pen's marks will fade away in a couple of years of exposure to light.

I use labels made up on the computer so I get four to a sheet. They list the
kind of options I might use on that sort of print (this is for print making
not photography, but The principle should hold true for a photograph), a
brief blurb about me, two blanks for the edition numbers,(one reading "print
number_____" the other "from an edition of_______"), my contact info., and a
blank to sign. There is a checklist of techniques with blanks to check for
the methods I use. I use a blue pen to sign in contrast to the black of the
text. This is affixed to the back of the matt with glue stick from Staples
stores. This glue is peel-off-able. So if the owner wants to re-matt the tag
can be moved. I don not use the words "certificate of authenticity" because
they sound pretentious to me but I think I am creating the same effect.

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