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A while back Sandy King posted a thingy about making sure you don't print on
the wrong side of Photo Warehouse Crystal Clear Film Transparency, or else
you get a mess--therefore, the "lick n' stick" rule of thumb. During that
interchange Don Bryant mentioned why didn't we just heed the advice that is
printed on the adhesive strip on each sheet that says "print on other side".

There's one catch: I have only received one box of 8.5x11 that has this
warning written on it. Otherwise, on all other transparency orders I've
received, many, the strip of tape is only white, with no printing.

Not only that, I have received some with the tape attached, some without,
some with the leading edge of the paper having the tape on it, some the long
side edge having the tape on it. Apparently the manufacturers can't make up
their minds.

On the batch of 13x19 that I am working with right now, not only is the tape
on the long side, but it is poorly attached. Hence, I am just taking it off
prior to printing. With the tape on, the edge was crinkly and it jammed my
*&()&*##! printer.

So if you order this stuff, watch out for this, and maybe complain to PW
upon time of order to either have the manufacturer put the tape on smoothly
and correctly, or not at all. My two cents....that cost me about 5 13x19
negs...but considering I have saved hundreds by using this stuff as opposed
to Pictorico, I guess it is a small price to pay.
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