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Date: 03/11/05-04:51:36 PM Z
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I wasn't aware that you are 3 hr away, so no wonder...I wouldn't want to
travel with a broken rib, either.

No the Jonathan is Jonathan Long.

Get well...

> Well, since you folks need to know before you leave home, let's make it
> simple and say it's a no-go. My recovery from my injuries is slow and of
> a one step forward two steps back manner, so I don't have any way of
> knowing whether a week from today I'd be able to make that 3 hour trip
> comfortably or even at all. Given how little it takes to set me back,
> I'd have to set the probability rather low. That's a longwinded way of
> saying, catch y'all next time.
> P.S. Is the Jonathan you mention Jonathan Bailey by any chance? I'd be
> willing to endure some small amount of pain to meet Jonathan Bailey. Not
> that I wouldn't like to meet the rest of you too, in fact that's why
> I've held off answering this, because I guess I wanted to keep my
> options open as long as possible.
> Katharine
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