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Chris, It is not a manufacturing issue but rather a PW issue. They take
material and cut it. I believe you will find out that their material comes
to them in one size and they are the ones recutting it. I'd ask them about
labeling which side to use. I only need worry that it is spooled correctly
as I have only used it on rolls.

I may be mistaken but that is what they do with film, so...

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> A while back Sandy King posted a thingy about making sure you don't print
> on
> the wrong side of Photo Warehouse Crystal Clear Film Transparency, or else
> you get a mess--therefore, the "lick n' stick" rule of thumb. During that
> interchange Don Bryant mentioned why didn't we just heed the advice that
> is
> printed on the adhesive strip on each sheet that says "print on other
> side".
> There's one catch: I have only received one box of 8.5x11 that has this
> warning written on it. Otherwise, on all other transparency orders I've
> received, many, the strip of tape is only white, with no printing.
> Not only that, I have received some with the tape attached, some without,
> some with the leading edge of the paper having the tape on it, some the
> long
> side edge having the tape on it. Apparently the manufacturers can't make
> up
> their minds.
> On the batch of 13x19 that I am working with right now, not only is the
> tape
> on the long side, but it is poorly attached. Hence, I am just taking it
> off
> prior to printing. With the tape on, the edge was crinkly and it jammed
> my
> *&()&*##! printer.
> So if you order this stuff, watch out for this, and maybe complain to PW
> upon time of order to either have the manufacturer put the tape on
> smoothly
> and correctly, or not at all. My two cents....that cost me about 5 13x19
> negs...but considering I have saved hundreds by using this stuff as
> opposed
> to Pictorico, I guess it is a small price to pay.
> Chris
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