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             I had taken the advice of several of the people who responded
to this thread on the scratched lens that said I should just demand my
money back on the lens with the scratches. I contacted the Ebay seller
and I did just that.. The outcome was he had agreed to take the lens
I was sweating bullets on that one even though I know buying used items on
ePay is always a risk.....

Thanks for your input.
John Cremati

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> Subject: Lens scratches
> >I just bought a Kodak Ektar 14 inch lens on FeeBay..... The
> >seller said the
> > lens was in good working order, but when I received it the
> > lenses on both
> > the front and rear are just a mass of cleaning
> > scratches........ There are
> > no deep scratches just the fine cleaning one....... The
> > lens appears to be
> > coated...... Is there any polymer cleaning polish solution
> > that can minimize
> > these scratches? I am looking for a easy cheap fix.......
> > John Cremati
> >
> Get your money back and complain to eBay. The lens was
> misrepresented. There is no polish that will remove the
> scratches. John van Stelten offers a service of re-polishing
> and recoating lenses. Its expensive and the figure of the
> lens is going to be changed. It may well be that the
> performance will still be OK but there are plenty of these
> lenses around and I would not accept a damaged one.
> Scratches like this come from carelessness. Its not that
> easy to scratch the lens or the coating. The scratches
> severely degrade lens performance, it will be like putting a
> bit of ground glass in front of the thing.
> A single scratch will not hurt anything but the multiple
> fine scratches from careless cleaning and handling will ruin
> a lens.
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