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Well, I did get a rather drastic hair cut last summer... to the
shoulders, but damn if it didn't grow back. What a hassle those
haircuts are, but yes I still have a pony-tail with a little more gray
than the last time I saw you, Chris.

I'm staying at the Mark Spencer Hotel and will be there from Tuesday
night through Sunday.

Since I suggested the reception meetup, let's ponder what will work
best for both visitors and residents. Are those from Portland doing
the conference? If not, then we should probably meet just outside any
'official' SPE venue, but still within the hotel area. That would
probably mean the concierge desk or lobby area. What do you all from
Portland say to that?

If Katherine joins us for lunch, we should probably do as early as
possible to speed up the process, downtown Portland is a busy place
regardless of any conferences. I get out of a portfolio review at
11:00 and can get to the restaurant within a few minutes to secure a
table... I just need to know how many to try to seat. If we can verify
a headcount now, we can get through this with a teeny bit of

OK, everybody who's coming to lunch, raise your left hand... No, Mark,
your LEFT hand!


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Weird, I sent this yesterday and it never appeared, so I'll send
again; I
did have a bunch of email addresses appended, so maybe it got filed in

Hi all,
Portland SPE is coming up in a little over a week. Darryl's
below, was the latest idea we had on the subject; I've listed the alt
listers who responded to the get together idea originally--hopefully I
haven't missed anyone or included someone who doesn't want to have
to do with us.

Let's meet at the reception as planned, thurs night, after the keynote
speaker--where, your guess is as good as mine. I know what Darryl
like, and Mark N. and Dan. Darryl, hopefully you still have a long
ponytail--you'll be easy to spot. Jonathan, are you reaaallly a photo
and should we look for that?

Then, Katharine if you are up for lunch on friday, let's do it, too,
but let
me know shortly if it is a go or not. I'm not bringing my computer so
not be online during the conference.

I am staying in the Executive Towers if anyone needs to get in touch
me, or in the trade show at Mark Nelson's booth in a bikini, giving
pointers (KIDDING).

Darryl said: Day One -
 Thursday night, the keynote speaker finishes at 8:30...
(probably more like 9 pm.) A welcome reception goes from 8:30--10:00.
We could meet up at the reception and pursue Portland's finest dives
or whatever from there.
 Day two: Meet at the conference hotel - Hilton Portland & Executive
Tower, 921 SW Sixth Ave. at 11:30 am for a lunch in the hotel

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