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Weird, I sent this yesterday and it never appeared, so I'll send again; I
did have a bunch of email addresses appended, so maybe it got filed in SPAM.

Hi all,
Portland SPE is coming up in a little over a week. Darryl's suggestion,
below, was the latest idea we had on the subject; I've listed the alt
listers who responded to the get together idea originally--hopefully I
haven't missed anyone or included someone who doesn't want to have anything
to do with us.

Let's meet at the reception as planned, thurs night, after the keynote
speaker--where, your guess is as good as mine. I know what Darryl looks
like, and Mark N. and Dan. Darryl, hopefully you still have a long
ponytail--you'll be easy to spot. Jonathan, are you reaaallly a photo nerd
and should we look for that?

Then, Katharine if you are up for lunch on friday, let's do it, too, but let
me know shortly if it is a go or not. I'm not bringing my computer so will
not be online during the conference.

I am staying in the Executive Towers if anyone needs to get in touch with
me, or in the trade show at Mark Nelson's booth in a bikini, giving him
pointers (KIDDING).

Darryl said: Day One -
 Thursday night, the keynote speaker finishes at 8:30...
(probably more like 9 pm.) A welcome reception goes from 8:30--10:00.
We could meet up at the reception and pursue Portland's finest dives
or whatever from there.
 Day two: Meet at the conference hotel - Hilton Portland & Executive
Tower, 921 SW Sixth Ave. at 11:30 am for a lunch in the hotel
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