Re: Ultrafine Clear Film Epson 2200 transport jams

Date: 03/10/05-07:57:41 AM Z
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My right roller is active. What I did find is putting a piece of printing paper with a Ultrafine on top in the tray works. The paper is not drawn thru but the ultrafine pulls thru just fine. Thanks for the suggestions.


>From: Don Bryant
>Date: Thu Mar 10 00:29:42 CST 2005
>Subject: Ultrafine Clear Film Epson 2200 transport jams

>> I have the chemical list. ?Can somebody give the amounts again? ?Thanks.
>> Also, suddenly my Epson 2200 has decided it will not accept Crystal Clear
>> Ink Jet Trans anymore. ?One day it worked fine and the next day it did
>> not. ?It won't grab ahold of it and pull it thru in a straignt line. ?If
>> it does it goes in at an angle and gets trashed. Anybody has the same
>> problem and have a fix?
>I'm not sure how you may have your 2200 setup in regard to lifting the exit
>rollers but I have found tonight that if you lower the right most exit
>roller the printer will advance and eject 8.5x11 inch sheets and not jam the
>printer. I also pre-position the leading edge of the transparency film prior
>to starting the print job by pressing the paper eject button momentarily
>allowing the substrate to enter the paper path smoothly and advancing to the
>correct position. FYI - FWIW the 1280 has no problems handling the UCF
>sheets and doesn't jam.
>Don Bryant
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