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Just thought I'd remind everyone that APIS is happening real soon now.

This is the place for those of us working in historical processes.

This year's:

Dusan Stulik – This Getty Conservation Institute scientist always has
something interesting for us to learn.

Terry King – The organizer of APIS in Europe, presenting his new gold
process and experiments with Niepce’s “the first photograph process”.

Richard Sullivan – Bostick & Sullivan’s co-founder on who knows what, maybe

Mark Nelson and Dick Arentz – They team up to explain their method of
making digital negatives for platinum and other alt processes.

Paul Lehman – Will present his new gel and pigment processes.

Julio Galindo – From Mexico will present his work and talk about the Mexico
City photography scene.

Jerry Mader – Presenting carbon on glass.

Art Chakalis – Will give us an update on the secrets of the Fresson Process.

Bob Herbst - A traditional sensitometric method for making digital

I am also doing a presentation on The Center for Photographic History and
Technology. I am retiring from B+S and my two sons are taking over. Melody
will hang out there for a while just to see things transit smoothly. I will
run the carbon tissue factory and devote much of my time to building the
Center. There are lots of good things starting to happen with the Center so
keep a look out for information as it becomes available. We've cut
back wee bit on the amount of presentations as people were complaining
that there was not enough time to network and see other people's work.

BTW, I've got a new backing on the tissue and it is superb. It allows much
longer sensitizing soaks and less frilling of the tissue.

--Dick Sullivan
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