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Man, I might actually have to get there this year; I would love to hear
Art Chakalis and what he's learned about the Fresson process.

Richard Sullivan wrote:
> Just thought I'd remind everyone that APIS is happening real soon now.
> This is the place for those of us working in historical processes.
> This year's:
> Dusan Stulik – This Getty Conservation Institute scientist always has
> something interesting for us to learn.
> Terry King – The organizer of APIS in Europe, presenting his new gold
> process and experiments with Niepce’s “the first photograph process”.
> Richard Sullivan – Bostick & Sullivan’s co-founder on who knows what, maybe
> Ozotype.
> Mark Nelson and Dick Arentz – They team up to explain their method of
> making digital negatives for platinum and other alt processes.
> Paul Lehman – Will present his new gel and pigment processes.
> Julio Galindo – From Mexico will present his work and talk about the Mexico
> City photography scene.
> Jerry Mader – Presenting carbon on glass.
> Art Chakalis – Will give us an update on the secrets of the Fresson Process.
> Bob Herbst - A traditional sensitometric method for making digital
> negatives.
> I am also doing a presentation on The Center for Photographic History and
> Technology. I am retiring from B+S and my two sons are taking over. Melody
> will hang out there for a while just to see things transit smoothly. I will
> run the carbon tissue factory and devote much of my time to building the
> Center. There are lots of good things starting to happen with the Center so
> keep a look out for information as it becomes available. We've cut
> back wee bit on the amount of presentations as people were complaining
> that there was not enough time to network and see other people's work.
> BTW, I've got a new backing on the tissue and it is superb. It allows much
> longer sensitizing soaks and less frilling of the tissue.
> --Dick Sullivan
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