yellow pigment for gum

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Date: 06/06/05-08:06:05 AM Z
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I'm working on a chart of the yellow pigments I have used in gum (10 of
them, painting swatches side by side). I notice that Wilcox gives the M.
Graham old gamboge which was PY110 a not lightfast rating (p. 68 2001-2
edition of Wilcox Guide to Watercolor Paints).

Obviously this is a moot point since M. Graham reformulated their gamboge,
but I notice in my notes that this was a yellow you used, or used to,
anyway, so:
1. Do you think Wilcox is wrong?
2. If one author says it is not lightfast but another says it is, do you
err on the side of caution?
3. Have any of your PY110 prints noticeably faded over the years?

I'm contemplating throwing out the paint because there are a couple other
yellows that are similar.

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