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Date: 07/30/05-07:52:38 AM Z
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I use my Kodak digital camera to copy large prints, negatives, etc... A
simple copystand with lights or a light box is used. I lay a Kodak control
strip (grayscale with color patches) next to the print I'm copying. Then
I'll bring the image into Photoshop, correct color balance & contrast and
then crop out the control strip.

Quality is more than adequate for posting on websites. Final image size
needs to be adjusted for web use. Most digital cameras will produce huge
images that won't fit onto the average computer screen. To get an idea of
proper sizes for web use, go to any website with photos. Right-click on a
photo and select "Properties". That will give you image size in pixels.

The images on this page were captured in this fashion.

Best regards from Big Wonderful Wyoming,
Dave Rose

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Subject: Best Way to Post Prints?

The iceberg prints got me to debating, again, how best to digitize some of
my prints to post on the Web. All that I have at my ready disposal on the
hardware side are a consumer, 8 x 11 flatbed scanner and a midrange
(decent) digital camera. At this point, all the images I want to post are
from 8x10 contacts-platinum prints and a few gums--but I plan on doing some
triptychs from multiple 8x10 negatives later. Another limiting factor is
that the size of my paper is bigger than the scanner by a couple of inches
all the way around, but I could either make special prints on smaller paper
to scan or leave the lid open during the scans.

Right now, I'm leaning toward using the camera and a primitive copy stand,
but either method should yield better than screen resolution. How are other
folks out there getting this done? Any tips for scan/camera resolution and
final image size, resolution, and color depth for the Web?


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