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> > You might want to contact Art Chikalis, who (I believe) is on this
> ^^^^^^^^^
> Chakalis
> ^
> In an article titled "Une Visite a l'Atelier Fresson," Art describes his
> own actual visit to the still living studio of the ultra secret Fresson
> society (somewhat on a par with the Turin Shroud society, I gather) along
> with a recent photo of himself at the atelier with several other people,
> two of whom are named Fresson.
Thanks Judy for the Fresson story, so far in a nut shell in PF No. 9. How
many readers of this are now led to believe ;
              Fresson = Direct carbon
              Chakalis = Direct carbon
                                    therefore, Chakalis = Fresson?

                                Good luck Art.
                                      John Grocott - Photographist.
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