RE: Best Way to Post Prints?

From: Kate M ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 07/30/05-06:21:00 PM Z
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FYI: I have just looked on my site to confirm what I had thought - that
I usually post images at between 700 and 800 pixels wide (landscape
format) and I know that the latest images I posted were at 100ppi. High
quality is not an issue as the screen cannot give anything like the
quality of a print. I actually scanned these at 600 ppi for my archives
and then downsized the images to 100 ppi for the web.

I use the scanner for most of my images, stitching them together if need
be. I also use a Fuji Finepix SLR on the copystand to prepare images for
lectures in Powerpoint. This is by far the most time-effective way to
process large numbers of images into digital files. I set the camera to
take the images as TIFF rather than RAW format as they are for
projection only. I record them in TIFF so they can be archived for later
use without information loss. (At the moment I'm trying to get an image
archive set up for the whole School to use.) It's not necessary to use a
high quality picture setting for the same reason - "normal" suffices and
leaves plenty of room on the card for multiple images. As far as
controls go, I use daylight balanced flash so the camera is set on
daylight setting. If I think of it, I calibrate the white point using a
white card. I have never had to colour adjust an image for projection
yet, but I nearly always have to adjust between scanner and web.

 When I'm preparing images for a lecture, I put them all together into a
folder and batch process them through into smaller JPEG images through
the "actions" palette in Photoshop. This is a terriffic timesaver, as
all you have to do is open the first image, record the actions of
resizing, converting the TIFF image to JPEG and saving as a set, and
then perform the action on the rest of the folder. I advise separate
folders for landscape format and portrait format - you still perform the
same actions but you would resize the image differently - 600ppi wide
for portrait is a good size.


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